07 October 2005

Are you an explorer?

I wonder if Meriwether Lewis and William Clark the great explorers were the first born child in their respective families? It seems to me that it would benefit their explorations, because in a family environment many of the trials and trail clearing is done by the oldest child. My oldest child is magnificient in shrugging off the mistakes made by her inexperienced mother. Being able to move forward through the broken down logs, drought, hunger, and all the other stumbling blocks that would easily beset a child who didn't have the inbred exploring in them.

My oldest not only gets through the pathway, but makes the way for others that follow so much easier and more comfortable for the parents. She is constantly training us to accept her as an explorer show us that she's got the drive and magnificent ability to maintain this pace in spite of the hampering by her not firstborn mother. Who incidentely is not an explorer.


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