29 July 2010

I'm a super softy!

I don't know if it's a good thing or not. But I am definitely treating my 5th child WAY different than my first. my husband commented the other night that not only is she spoiled by me but also the other kids in the family. She cries longer in her bed at nap time, because every one goes in there and tries to console her, not a good practice, but when she is so darn cute it is so darn hard to not go and hug her and have her snuggle into my neck as you are saving her from uncertain terrible fate. . . . a nap.

Last night I even let her sleep in my room on my couch, because she would wake up in the nite and cry and I didn't want to trek all the way across the hall and pick her up. Instead just 1 step to my couch.

I still feed her the majority of her meals. She's 1 1/2 and still gets spoon fed. Oh, my, I'm just saying out loud, I know she's spoiled, but really how much can it REALLY hurt. She will grow up soon enough. It's not only me, her daddy is her first word when she wants to get out of something like throwing her diaper away, and he swoops her up and carries her and the diaper to the garbage. She's got us all to her beck-and-call! That's not so bad is it?


Blogger Jenni said...

Not bad at all! At 1 1/2, I don't think spoiling is hurting them, especially when there's so many other little ones competing with your time. She needs it. She is # 5 after all, and now, Kimberly is getting her babying : ( She deserves some extra time!

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