30 April 2009

These are for grandma and grandpa

I had Autumn take the pictures while I was holding her sitting on the kitchen table.

She went to the dr. on Friday, she is 4 mo. she weighs 12lb 14 oz.

She is doing great. She loves to have you say "boo" to her and she giggles out loud! She loves to hold on to a toy. Her favorite is a butterfly. She does not like her tummy, so she can now roll from her stomach to her back with lots of effort put into it. She is always always smiling. Everyone that sees her says wow! She smiles! She loves to be held by Sarah, they are 2 little pals. She still sucks her middle and ring finger on her right hand when she is tired and hungry. She loves to be wrapped tight in a blanket and patten on the bum to go to sleep.

We love her a lot and she is so happy all the time!


Anonymous Arlene said...

Excuse me while I go in the other room and cry my face off....YOU ARE TOO FAR AWAY.
Thank you for sharing.
She is total sweetness.

8:48:00 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

what a sweet little face. Miss you guys!

11:31:00 AM  

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