14 October 2005

The Human Body

It is just plain amazing to me how the human body works. I cannot believe it just knows how to digest food. You don't have to learn that. Or for those who are fortunate to have sight, to just see.

Today, I was rocking my 1 yr old to sleep, and just taking some time to snuggle and love on him some. And noticed that he had a new tooth, fully grown in. How amazing that tooth just new it was time to come in, and popped right in without any coaxing, or worry from me. It got me thinking how many things just happen, and in the end we are so much more grateful that they happened without the worry or coaxing on our behalf. How simple and amazing. How many parts of our body do we know work for us?

One only knows until that body part decides to no longer work. Like "my pancreas, it's not working as well as it could for me today. I need to give some real thought in keeping that in working order. . . . " or that old adage: Every part strengthens a part, so I guess I would need to eat a pancreas to compensate for my lazy one.

I am so, so inexplicably grateful that my children have functioning healthy bodies, so they can have full advantage that this world has to offer.

The Human Body, a marvelous invention.


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