06 June 2006

Our Yard

These are before pictures of our yard. Pretty nasty.

These are the after pictures. Notice there's green. There are landscaping stones, (the young men helped put in). A fence, family helped put this in. We have had many many people help. Right now, Cameron and Griffin are outside putting up siding on the extended porch on the side. It is so fun to have people over and actually have some place to be with them.

And soon we will have a for sale sign out front.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So cute and your pictures are FABULOUS. What a fun camera! Mom

9:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your yard and house is looking sooo good. I love how you added in those bricks for landscaping. It really looks nice. WE are glad we got to help a little. Sam and Jill

11:02:00 PM  

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