10 March 2006

I truly think the world is a little poorer

I think she was a wonderful hero and someone we could all look up to. Selflessness is very much a real characeristic of a true woman to be admired. I admire Dana Reeve.


Blogger Arlene said...

So do I. I cried. She was such an example of marriage and standing by your man. We will miss her example. A wonderful example in a tempest tossed world.

6:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Carson said...

And how. What a wonderful woman she was. She didn't expect a reunion with her super man this early, but I suspect it was pretty sweet.

10:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was so sad to hear she was gone. So young and such a wonderful person. It would be so hard having such a young son too. Wow! She was amazing and will be missed. Jill

11:04:00 PM  

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