10 July 2006

We had some fun this weekend

Well, Friday all of us were sick of just sitting around keeping the ol' house clean so we decided to do a craft. We made these beads and then put them on a bracelet! Way fun!

I went to lunch with 2 close friends and sat and gabbed A LOT. It was so so fun! Of all the things I will miss this will be at the top. Our excuse to go out was for my birthday. And well, this "felted" purse is what I got. I have always wanted one! Doesn't it remind you of a lady bug?

We also went to riverfront park. Road the carosel and fed the ducks. This is Mark and Spencer looking for crawdads. They did find one and pick it up and play with it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fun Momma, Fun friends, Fun family - I love you all...Mom

11:26:00 AM  
Anonymous aunt barb said...

OH....so you are in the "keep the house clean" mode? Torture! that is painful. Never knowing when someone might want to look at it. ohhh I hate that? Oh well, I will pray that it will sell for you, amy. In the mean time...enjoy some family things.

10:08:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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