11 June 2006

Brooke's Birthday

Well, I think these pictures are so sweet and tell so much about my sweet Brookey Bear. She got her favorite thing for her birthday. And has literally brought her everywhere with us. It is so sweet to see how great a mother she will be.

Her baby's name is Anne Ainsley, the purple streeks in her hair, if you touch them with your fingers they turn a light blue. Do you remember what a cabbage patch doll smells like. It brought back some memories.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brookey Bear you are the cutest and I love Anne. She is beautiful just like you! luv Sam Jill Ashtyn and Hailey

9:41:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow...that picture sure 'captures' Brookey Bear!
What a fun and loving and tender girl Miss B is.
Here is a big hug and kiss from Grandma 'Comas.... X O!

9:55:00 PM  
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