22 August 2006

WE (family) can do hard things!

Oh, my, oh my,

I really am in shock of where I am today.
Yesterday we had some true support of those we love! And we packed up all that belongs to us into a moving truck in 12 hours. We left everyone we love and drove down the road. (the size of the truck was 7' by 7' by 26') Mark went and measured it, because we weren't sure it was big enough.

This morning 1/2 of my heart drove down the road on their way to Utah (Mark, Autumn, and Brookey). In a caravan full of craziness. I am still in almost unbelief. We had so much help yesterday. And we got so much done! Like one of our dear friends said when I said I can't believe we got it all in. "I guess the lord knows how to pack a moving truck." Mark and those that helped walked in and out of that truck probably 10 miles worth of steps. And I am here to tell you there is NO more room in there. The last few things, like the bbq, high chair, the baby swing, and the garbage can and vacuum. Well, they re-packed it a few different times, because it wasn't fitting. But Mark and those that helped DID get it in! ( It would be appropritate to let your jaw drop to the floor )

At one point Mark said if there is something we can't find, check inside the washer and dryer, because we didn't even waste that space.

I am really not sure if that all really actually happened. We had help from so many people. We know how to get something done! I am here to tell you! WE ARE SO BLESSED!


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