30 November 2006

New haircuts. Man they needed it!

Ok, this is Brookey Bear's before pict. She is always asking me to cut her hair, so I finally gave in. She is always right, it needs to be done.

This is the after. Man, she looks so so cute! It's bright and beautiful!

This is Autumn's, she never wants hers cut. And I think she is right also. So we just trimmed it up.

This is the after, just a good trimmin'

And this is the after of Spencer! I did it a little shorter than I wanted, and it's going to take some getting use to. Mark came home and liked it VERY much! so handsome, it makes his facial expressions pop out at you instead of being hidden by his hair.

Next after the kids are asleep, I'm doing mine. My hair is to long and grey, so I'm going to dye it and trim it up. We'll see. I'll make Mark take before and after for me also and post later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all Miss Brookey....your hair has grown SO much. WOW...I love it cute just above your shoulders...and you got bangs. CUTE A RAMA
Autumn...I think you have the yummiest hair. I love to watch you put in a pony by yourself and make it cute.
I love Spence - All cleaned up and oh, my, BIG boy!
Excited to hug those little bodies and kiss the top of each head at Christmas time. Gma

10:10:00 AM  
Blogger Sam and Jill McComas Family said...

Wow how cute you all are. We couldn't believe how long Brooke and Autumns hair was. Brookey bear does look very cute with her hair above her shoulders and Autumn looks beautiful with her long hair. Spencey is adorable as usual. We can't wait to see Amy! How fun!!

4:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having Spencer's hair cut makes him look older. Girls like long hair. Cute kids. gma

10:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Jess said...

Wow, such beautiful girls. And what a big boy you are Spencer. I like the new hair. I also like the way you take care of your baby sister. Jackson, Camryn, and Owen cannot WAIT to see all of you!

11:46:00 AM  

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