22 October 2006

Our week was slow

Well, this is my girl, on my new couch up in my bedroom. She is wearing the dress me, A, and B wore. My mom made it for me. And saved it for me. How wonderful. I loved seeing her in it.

This is the "runt" baby puppy of Rosiey's. You can see Rosiey's nose and eye in the corner, she's a protective little mamma. This puppy is reserved for the family who helped Rosiey have these puppies, by the contribution of their dog's help. His name's Dubee. He lives back in spokane.

Here's Spencer, looking out our back fence. Very cute!

This was this evening, they get a little stir crazy on Sunday's even the dad. So the fort was built. If you can see, the big couch is turned over on it's front to make that side. And yes my frontroom is big enough for this and still room to walk around in there! Can you believe it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH....Sara in the yellow dress..oh...
And the puppies...the puppies...and Mr Spence...(little Mark) so precious.
The fort. oh, the fort and look at your room...that is big...
Can I start to count the days until you come to Spokane, yet?
Hugs all around...MOM

8:49:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes, we offically miss you!!

S J A and H

11:05:00 AM  
Anonymous BARB said...

That YELLOW dress is pretty bright for a baby! But, yes, she is cute cute and it's sentimental, so that's cool. I'm excited about your BIG house! you deserve some "turn around" room!

9:06:00 PM  

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