28 August 2008

Ward Luau (Part 1)

Our ward has a Luau every summer, and this is this year's in pictures. I have to tell you there is nothing that comes close to this! It is also our Bishop's birthday. This is his party! He LOVES LOVES LOVES it!

Any guesses how old he is and I will send you a little prize in the mail!

This is the center piece. It takes A LOT of time to cut those fruits up!

Ok, here's a pict of the Bishop, the is on the far right! The one with a laie on. His wife is the second from the left in the green shirt.

This is the whole pig that was roasted on a huge bbq. It was SWARMED as soon as it was put down. People were burning their fingers on it it was so hot still.

This is the after picture! Pretty much picked clean! Amazing. Stay tuned for another post about the dancing!


Blogger The Lee's said...

My guess is this was his 60th birthday celebration!!

6:24:00 AM  

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