13 May 2008

Hmmm, not sure what to call this one.

I SWORE, I would not post this picture, because I didn't want people to see the terrible haircut job I did on my poor husband. But here he is anyway. We used this pict. to put in a newspaper to advertise.

This is another picture of my cute man doing what he does best. Taking a ugly hunk of stump we found out camping, and turning it into income. He found this Box Elder Burl stump thing and he's cutting it up to make pen blanks to sell, and well, this was taken only 10 min. after returning from camping, and he's already almost done with the project. One motivated and self directed man. I LOVE IT!

I hesitate to share this pict. the memories it brings every time I eat toast with cottage cheese and pepper are very sweet. It reminds me of my sweet loving Grandpa. He use to eat this every morning for breakfast. And sometimes I get a craving for it, and it reminds me of Grandpa. Of his funny little manerisims that I have grown to love, and his love for his family, and especially me. I think that we had a good relationship, I know he extended quite a bit of effort to do so. Traveling to see us as often as he could. I do love him and miss him. He is a great grandpa!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my heavens that is SHORT.(He is still pretty handsome however) Well, at least he won't need a haircut for a really long time. And just think it will be in all of B's baptism pictures. Yeah.

10:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all three pics are great. how exciting for him to find a burl for pen blanks. and yes, the toast. yum.


1:30:00 PM  

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