19 August 2008

In no particular order

Ok, so up at the mountain lake, Mark thought he was being followed by flies, so he wore this fancy hat, or swimming suit whichever you prefer. And, no it didn't deter the flies from coming after him.

This is Autumn and brooke eating oreos with peanut butter. Yumm, or something.

This is a picture of Mark's selling tires and wheels, why do I show you this picture? 2 reasons. One, to let you know he is still a wheeler and dealer. Second, he sold these so I could buy a new lens for my camera! YEAH! I love it.

Carson gave me a really cute camera strap for my birthday. I am in love with it!

This is Autumn and Brooke on their first day of school. Don't they look cute! Brooke is in 3rd grade and Autumn is in 5th. It looks like it is a nice fall day by the way they are dressed. Nope, it's still in the 100's but they had to wear their new clothes. They came home yesterday sweating and red faces. Today they wore shorts to school, and no sweaters.


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