19 August 2008

This is the kids on a day out with dad. He took them to Utah lake, were they planning on swimming? No, but that is the joy of going to the lake with dad and no mom. There is a friend in between Sarah and Spencer.

They also went to the shooting range. This is spencer with a bb-gun.

This is little Bean-a refusing to get out of the water! She is our little waterdog! Seriously she screams when she is taken out of any type of water. Sprinkler, bath, lake, pool.

This is dad fixing our tv, so we don't have to stomp every few seconds while watch a movie.

For my birthday we went up to a mountain lake to swim play and relax with friends. Autumn and Mark went up early to mess around on the motorcycle. Brooke went up the first time a while ago, but didn't have a camera with them that time.

I'll post some more in a minute.


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