25 February 2009

Ok, today's update

So it started out making sure all my taxes were compiled for the accountant, having our own business, not my favorite! But it's all ready.

Then took kids to school,
the water was turned off
Took Rebecca to the dr. She did well, she weighs 10lbs. 5 oz. so she's gaining weight well. 4 lbs heavier than birth. She got her shots and was doing good. I have no concerns about this baby, she's doing great. a little reflux periodically, but not much.

Came home took a nap! I was TIRED! Got woken up by a mom in the ward I told I would babysit for her, totally forgot. Good thing I was home, very easy kids to tend, so no problem there. ANd it was only for an hour.

My kids came home, it was great to see them, the weather is so great lately, that my kids drop their backpacks off and go right back outside, they sure love it.

Got everything squared off for Joy School, it's going to be fun tomorrow

Made dessert for Blue and Gold and Mark made a map for the table. (Whew, Mark saved me on that one)

I went to the Blue and Gold, while Mark stayed home and sold a puppy!!!!!! YEAH! My kids are sad, but I'm exstatic! 2 more to go.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Not to bad, afterall, tomorrow is Thursday, can't be that bad, the weeks more than have gone!


Anonymous Arlene said...

what a great update
happy about your baby
SOLD puppy.......YEAH!
whoosh...you've had a week....

10:11:00 AM  
Blogger Jenni said...

wow, Amy, you are a busy gal! Sounds like you are doing well though! Someday, I would like to meet little Rebecca Rose... : )

11:19:00 AM  

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