04 January 2009

Christmas vacation

Here is Spencer after wearing goggles while swimming.

This is Spencer swimming. Full on bon-a-fide swimming. Mark usually has him wear a life jacket, but we forgot them. So, Spencer jumped in the pool and started swimming all on his own! He could probably swim 15 feet without stopping. He's amazing.

Sarah loves me taking pictures of her. She would play on these stairs all by herself for 2 hours. But of course all the other swimmers kept her a home base and loved showing me all their new tricks.

Here's a picture of the swimmers. They are all in the deep end.

Here's my 2 girls jumping in the deep end fearlessly!

Here is Spencer just coming up from swimming. Yes swimming.

I cleaned out my craft closet and made a new spot in my kitchen cupboard for my kids' crafts so hopefully my closet will stay clean and the kids will sta away from it! Well, this morning I woke up and Autumn had been in her own craft stuff and made this heart. Very nice!

Here is Rebecca yawning! Isn't she cute?

This is after she yawned. With her bright dark eyes.

Here are our mountains. Very pretty. I love them, they are beautiful! I love seieng them.


Blogger coxmommy said...

Amy, wow!!! Everyone is so big now! I can't believe you are up to 5 now. All of the children are so beautiful! I hope to see you next time you come up, and hold Rebecca of course!Hee Hee I miss you!

6:17:00 PM  
Blogger Jenni said...

I love your pictures, Amy. I am sorry I haven't been up to visit you. I am a slacker, I know! Your new addition is sooo beautiful. Congratulations. I can't believe you have 5 kids. You are way too young looking for that! Well, congrats again. Love, Jenni

12:30:00 PM  

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