22 July 2009

Sunday and Wednesday

This is a picture of Marks ring. He got it from his mom when we were back home it is the ring his grandfather wore. It is the letter B for Blount his mom's maiden name. I think it looks great. I really like it.

This was at dinner, she got Watermelon for dessert, and sat on the shelf looking out the window eating it. So cute!

This is Rebeccas new trick! She can pull herself up to standing! I can't believe it!

I took a pict. of each kid before we loaded into the van, they are all so cute!

Sarah's got these cute glitter stars barrettes that she loves to wear. i love them to!

Sarah also wanted me to take a pict of her shoes for gwamma to see that she loves her red shiney shoes.

These are my toes that I love also. i got my first pedicure while I was home in Spokane, I just love them!

Mark has reminded me that I often take pictures of him sleeping. This is him just before we left the house to get in the van.


Blogger xoelle said...

Is your hubby's family from the South? There are lots of Blounts down here- even streets and schools and such. =)

2:54:00 PM  

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