21 October 2005

could a vacuum make so much difference?

Ok, so we got a new vacuum a week ago. Brought it home, of course, I have to vacuum, so, (we have a bagless now.) man. I got more dirt and hair and grime than is humanly normal. So, I have vacuumed every day. Man, it makes my house so, so much cleaner. I still get a ton of dirt every time I vacuum. WHY! We do not create that much dirt in one day. And I think I have gotten past the whole hump of the previous dirt.

My husband calls me during the day. Everytime he asks "what ya doin'" my response has been vacuuming. Man, I could live with this vacuum for a long time. I don't care if the dishes are done, as long as I have vacuum lines in my carpet!


Anonymous auntie Barb said...

I just read all your entries and may I say...I started with a tear in my eye, a sniff, a whimper and ended with a full blown sob. You show so much growth and depth and "becoming" in these things you write, Amy. You are indeed "becoming" all the the Lord knows you can be. I am so proud of you and I love you and your little family and YOUR MOM! Thank you so much for sharing. This paints to me a picture of a beautiful young woman who appreciates! Who is gaining power in her great eternal perspective. And who is such a genm!!!! You helped me today with these words. Thank you Thank you. I will be reading "you" often.

hugs today...Auntie Barb

p.s. My vacuum is my favorite household appliance. I vacuum every single day. "Windows be dirty, toliets go ahead and mold, but Mr. Dirty, don't touch my floors..I am on duty here!

7:14:00 AM  
Blogger ipodmomma said...

is it a dyson? we have one, and I love it!!!


1:21:00 PM  
Blogger amy said...

well, I wish it was a dyson! I have a friend with a dyson,she could literally sell those from door to door she loves hers so much. Anything was a step up from my previous vacuum, mine is a Hoover. We rolled our change and used that money to get ours. Economizing man. I love it!

10:25:00 AM  

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