02 January 2006

What are your?

Notice I didn't ask do you have any. . . .


What are they? Are they attainable? Are they specific enough to know when you have accomplished them?

Mine is:

To have a party with my kids once a month. Like,

January : New Year's Party (which we did already)
February: Valentine's Party

and so on. I am really wanting to spend more time celebrating with my kids instead of making them clean. That's no fun.

But we had a BLAST at our New Year's party. I'm looking forward to more like that.

Plus, my husband is a sport about always wanting to party, so all I have to do is DO IT!

(Who could resist these kiddies!!!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Amy - thanks for posting those pictures. I love these kids. I will send Mom to your blog to look see.
Love you.....Mom

9:24:00 AM  

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