12 November 2005


I have really been thinking a lot lately about appreciation. I am definately not as verbally appreicative as I could be. I think a lot about just how much I am thankful for other people's efforts, that easily could go unnoticed. Why is it harder for me to go that next step and say thank-you to those who take the extra effort to make my life a little more easier. I really think once I start acknowledging people outwardly instead of just thinking it in my own little brain it will show me just how much I am blessed. I seem to have a difficult time recognizing my blessings when they come up.

So, in an effort to be able to recognize those things in my life that people actually do for me, and ultimately notice just how much my life is blessed.

I make this commitment:

I will be more outwardly thankful for those who contribute to my life in a positive way.

I thank-you for taking the time to read this silly little blog. It is fun for me and also fun when those who read it comment.(like you have already done) I learn from your thoughts and insights. Even the last posting, even though it was hard for me to be an adult and deal with all that was said in an adult manner. However, I feel better by dealing with it in the manner I did choose. So, thank-you for helping me own up to my own integrity.


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Cute picture girl.........you are awesome. MOM

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