06 October 2006

This week at the M's

Well, Mark went in to set up the display (the boss wasn't there) and the boss called later and said "that display looks awesome! We need to get you a bigger display spot!" so, this is another knife he worked on last night to put in there today.

I am the bread maker. I have made probably 20 loaves of bread, and rolls, and cinnamon rolls, all with whole wheat. For my family. I know how to make good bread. We went to Golden Corral for lunch, and I remember just loving thier rolls. Well, they were made out of white flour, they stand up nothing to my own rolls. I know how to make what our family likes! Thanks to Barb's recipe.

these are the loaves coming out of the oven. I did a little experimenting. The one on the far right is onion, and cream cheese. The one next to it, with the brown sprinkled on it is cinnamon sugar swirl. I must say, I didn't know, but I love WAY TO MUCH cinnamon. I put a whole cup of cinnamon in the swirl part, Mark said it was a bit chalky, but I loved it! and the 3 on the left are what we call "old faithful" they just get better and better with time.

this is our pregnant Rosiey, she is due to have her babies next weekend. Hmmm, not sure how to do that. Anyone have advise? I am just reading online. The first thing I learned is to get a "whelping box" so, we have TONS of boxes, so I cut one with a hole in it and put my paper shreddinging in the bottom, so she can get use to it. Hopefully she will choose to have her babies in there, I have made it so she is comfortable in there.

This is my boy, 2 things, he has ALWAYS been sensitive about his ears and hearing, so, I have put these ear muffs in a place he can get to them easy. He gets them and wears them a lot, ie. when I vacuum (Reminds you of g-pa Rick huh) AND, as of last night, we are done with the "yeah yeah" (or binki to the regular public) He is trying really hard. He wants to learn to talk, so we need to keep this from hindering him. And it has really helped. He is talking a lot more.

I just looked at the pict. and he's in yet another cammo colored piece of clothing. I guess we have a lot of cammo for him. He loves it. Everytime I open his drawer he gets excited and says "yeah dada" like I want to wear this because it's like dad's. So, I'm a sucker for that. So there's a lot of cammo in that ol drawer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the knife! Your bread is amazing - Look at you girl! WOW - Rosie..I don't have a clue. Spencer...BIG boy. Soon I can talk with him on the phone. Gma.

5:02:00 PM  
Anonymous barb said...

That bread does look good. Practice is the best ingredient. I like to be able to make it cuz it's a cheap and easy "gift." Know what I mean? Good for you.

That knife. OH my word! It makes me want want just to look at or display in my house! I hope you make a "Mil" on 'em.

Me........ not doggy.

I love you.

10:06:00 AM  
Blogger Sam and Jill McComas Family said...

Wow amy....good job on the bread. I would love to come and be the sampler, you know just make sure it tastes ok before you share it with everyone else. Just kidding! That is awesome though. I loved all your pictures. I hadn't heard the story about Rosie being pregnant. I can't believe that. And cute little Spence a roonie with those muffs on. Soooo cute! Love ya.

9:43:00 AM  
Blogger Shiela said...

BABIES! WHAT?? How did THAT happen...don't answer that, you know what I mean! I'm assuming you meant to do babies? Take lots of pictures - I can't wait to see them! Remember all the baby hamster pictures I took a couple of years ago! LOL

5:15:00 PM  

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