27 September 2006

The M things

Ok, so here's just and update in no specific order.

This is the girl's school sign, S. C. Ele. I love it, very progressive and new. Not progressive in liberal agenda. . . but progressive in new technology. Notice how close the mountain is in the background. It is not an optical illusion. Across the street IS the mountain! The school is almost in Springville just off highway 89. and over the mountain to the south about a mile is S.

When Mark comes home from school, the kids run and hide in parts of the house so he has to come and find them. When he came home last night, Autumn and Brooke ran into eachother, this is Autumn's casualty, a black eye the camera didn't quite capture it all the way. I wonder if her school is now "keeping and eye on her" for other signs she's not being well treated at home. . . we all know the truth. Probably taken better care of than a lot at her school.

The weather has honestly been AWESOME the last week or so. This is us in the evening last night out at Utah Lake, throwing rocks into the water.

This is my little chub a lub. Look at the jouls (sp) and the double chin. Aparently she is going to be different from my other girls. She still has the strawberry birthmark between her eyes, I hope it will lighten more. And her eyes are blue.

Everytime I get my camera out to take picts. Spencer has to look at the screen to see the pictures. This is him copying Autumn showing me her eye and the bruise, except this is Spencer, with no bruise, but being cute none the less. I just looked at the picture, he needs another hair cut. . . Notice his shirt, it's one of the Owen handme downs. He lives in those clothes! Thanks Jess.


Anonymous Carson said...

Priceless, thanks for sharing.

5:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Cody McComas said...

"Throwing rocks in the water." One of the great pass-times, it is always fun. Not sure why, but it is always a blast.

5:06:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Amy thank you for the good pictures. It is so good to see pictures of your kids that we miss so much. They are so adorable. Each and everyone. I can't believe how chubby Sarah is, she is soooo cute and ALL of them look so much bigger and it hasn't even been that long. Crazy. We love you guys so much. How fun to have a lake so close throwing rocks in the water is the best. WE love you all!!
Love Sam and Jill and girls

6:19:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heavens to MERG-A-TROYED... (whomever that is)...Sarah Anne looks like Hailey May....Miss Chub Chub.
Thanks for posting. I love this family. I note that Mark has like a really big rock vs tossing pebbles into the water.
Autumn you bruise shows up good. Spencer is cute-a-rama. And Brooke looks all grown up standing by her school sign. Very cute shirt on girl.
That mountain IS close. Hugs to all of you....Gma Arlene

7:11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amy, have you seen Arlene's baby pictures. She looks just like Arlene. Cute, cute.
The only time I ever threw rocks in the water was to wake up the fish so they would bite.

6:00:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my name. Gma

6:02:00 PM  
Anonymous Jess said...

Thank you so much for keeping us updated on your life. Sarah looks like a little sweetheart. Spencer is growing up. . oh my. Autumn and Brook look like they are fitting in just dandy there in Provo, UT. I'm so excited for your new fun life. We sure do miss you though, so don't forget to visit :)

10:32:00 AM  
Anonymous Jess said...

i meant Brooke with an E.

10:34:00 AM  
Anonymous Auntie B said...

I can't believe those knives. I hate guns and knives! But that craftmanship is breathtaking. He's selling in a store already! my word. Hope you get some fun money with that. Would love to hear more about Marks school too. I love seeing and hearing all about your kids.

Can't believe what a good shooter you are. YOu must be Ricks kid.

keep blogging!

8:10:00 PM  

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