21 December 2006

OK, already.

It's a Honda 650 Enduro. He has been riding it to school and back. There have been some darn cold days. But I guess that's what you do with a new toy. He hasn't ridden it the last few days, because he almost got frost bite on his face (his helmet doesn't have a visor) That is on the list of getting fixed.

We got dumped on last Sunday! I had friends at church say "are you ok with this weather? I hope it doesn't scare you off" I just looked at them kind of wierd. and said "We get snow in Spokane" They were suprised. that was funny how far away Spokane seems at times.

This is a pict of our front gate looking toward our house. That is our BBQ, and bikes. The steps lead into our house.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought you were supposed to be in Spokane today! You'll be here Sunday, right!

Not to take from the motorcycle moment, but I already guessed it - lol!

6:26:00 PM  

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