07 May 2007

My favorite things

Well, I have had an inchin' to share my latest favorites with y'all. I know, kind of wierd, but I would love it if someone shared with me this way. If you have any good things to share wtih me PLEASE feel free!

Ok, so I know this isn't new. But I LOVE THIS lately. I know, old school and cheesy, but hey, it's my list right.

The song I am loving. "Let it go" #8 on the album. And yes, I live in Utah, where I could find it without to terribly much effort.

This is kind of 2 in one. At my weekly ww mtg. They debuted this new product. I have seriously been wanting something like this, and I am very excited to have this as the option.

Duely I was able to find this new CD player that also plays MP3's so it's not as limiting. Quite excited. 3 times a week I have commited to exercise, this will be helpful.

If anyone knows me they know this has been my downfall for about 2 years. I know they are probably the worst thing for me, but I can't stop myself. Some say addicted, I say ok, "I'll accept that, but I am not stopping."

My kids say "they make you hyper and have to pee." Well, that's probably about right. Oh, well, deal with it.

I LOVE THEM! Cold and the first drink is always the best.

These are my favorite flowers. Lilac. They bring me back to my childhood, having a jar of them sitting on the bar, and the windows open and the chink chink of the sprinkler in the background. The excitement of summer just around the corner. There IS nothing better than the feeling this memory envokes!

And hey, who's that cutiey with his hands over his face. That is my little buddy.

Ok, so I bought a pair of these new sandals. LOVE THEM! Instantly comfortable. No "breaking in" I forget I have shoes on. That comfortable. Mark said he wouldn't mind trying a pair. So, I go and get a pair for him, they have buy 1 get the second one 1/2 off. so I buy some for my girls. They will last a long time, and they are the most comfortable shoes out there this summer. LOVE THEM! And so does the rest of my family.

This might take some explaining.

It's called Stevia. My neighbor who is absolutely the best health food expert. Uses this. It is a substitute for sugar. It is 100xs more "sugary" than sugar in flavor. It is an extract from a root and is more healthy. So, you get a sweet cravin' put a DROP, I mean a DROP on your tongue and it is satisfying. Put it in your homemade lemonade, like 12 drops does the job. That cool. I am still learning about it, so, experiementing is still in the works.


Mark is cleaning the Bosch store's carpets, for product trade. He got me this knife, and well, I have already cut myself to get that over with. He used it the other night, and well, he was AMAZED at how well it cut an onion. It's AWESOME. Before I was using a hunk of metal to bludgen my food into pieces in compairison.

So, that's the latest and greatest. If there is something you have that you like, or your oppinions on the items I have raved about please, please, share and share alike. I love to know the latest awesome finds that you have.

Thanks for sharing


Blogger ShielaLee said...

Don't mock me and don't judge me - but I found Martha Stewart's book "Homekeeping Handbook: The Essential Guide to Caring for Everything in Your Home" and I'm loving it.

I found it on ebay for $20 and free shipping!! It's retailing for about $50+ depending on where you shop for books! I LOVE IT!!

1:36:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AI loved this post...I like to share my favorites too...I'll be thinking and do it!

Where did you get your sandals..they look wonderful! That knife from the Bosch store, huh. wow! that's cute how you said you just "cut your finger and got that over with". That's what I do with hot glue guns.

I'm doing a post like this...it's cool! good stuff. I trust my families favorites!

Miss BB

6:23:00 AM  
Blogger Sam and Jill McComas Family said...

I loved this post too Amy. I love hearing what other people love. I saw that drink at Walmart the other day and thought about you!! It looks like you have found a lot of great things to use and enjoy....thanks for the list!

2:44:00 PM  

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