08 March 2007

A compartment a day. . . well that's the idea

Ok, so my goal at the beginning of the week was to clean out a cupboard, closet, compartment a day. Started out real ambitious.
Monday, my closet
Tuesday, linen closet
Wed (I knew better than to have one this day way to busy)
Thursday (very unmotivated to do this day, haven't even picked one, will probably do it after the kids go to bed)

So here's the before pict. of the linen closet

And this is the after picture of the linen closet.

The before of my bedroom closet was just to embarressing. So here's the after of my closet. (Need NO comments on the amount of shoes)

I might post some more of later on this evening if I get the gumption to get it done.


Blogger Rachel said...

I need to clean out some things but I'm having a problem getting motivated! And spring is coming, hopefully, and then I really won't want to do it!!

Looks like your doing an awesome job...I bet it makes you feel great!

7:18:00 AM  
Blogger ShielaLee said...

Boy howdy - do I have some "compartments" you could work on here! I'm totally in denial about the fact that before we move (and yes, one day we'll really move) that I'll have to go through all this crap! Oye!

Glad to see you're among the living again!

7:50:00 AM  
Blogger Sam and Jill McComas Family said...

Your energy sounds like mine. I get all gungho and do really good for a couple of days and then it slowly peiters out and then I start on something new. It is all those little places that just get stuff shoved in there that are hard to deal with. My whole basement is that right now. OH where should we put this oh I know there is lots of room downstairs. Pretty soon there won't be room down there. we need to finish it and then it wouldn't just be a storage unit!!

11:03:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good looking closest, Ame...
"almost thou hast inspired me..."


5:27:00 PM  

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