14 September 2007

Ode, to Cody

Ok, so I could not stop thinking about my bro. whilst on a little adventure. NOTHING like his much bigger ones, but still I wish he was with me on this one.

I love books if you don't know. I wanted to get some recently like Bourne Supremacy ( I found out they were a book series. . .) A good cookbook on bread, some Stephanie Meyer's books. Just thought maybe there was a 2nd hand bookstore around. Did some hunting around found one that was in Provo, Mark was home for a little while, thought I'd slip away while the little ones were napping, and big ones were in school.

Well, let the adventure begin. I walked into the store. And was blown over by the whiff of old, moldy books. Thought no way am I going to find anything worth while in here. But, give it a chance. Walk in to a room with PILES of books. I mean PILES!!!

I think I will not find anything even if they have it. . . Walk a little farther.

See a map on a whiteboard of categories. Hmmm, found the kids section. Look for what I was wanting. Didn't have it.

Still in dis-belief of this store. . .Start around the corner and realize there are MILLIONS of books! in a maze of shelves. Turn around go and look at the map a little closer (in the back of my mind wonder if Spencer was with me probably would have been wiped clean by now. )

Find the cookbook section. over the river (of books) through the woods (of books) to the cooking section I go. And find this little gem of interesting things. Magazines, Books of Mormons, and all church memorabilia from the beginning of church history. I couldn't believe it.

I sit down on the grimy floor and start my looking of amazement through this amazing little find. I am loving the smelly's ! So, I am just amazed by the time warp I am in. I cannot tell you the excitement and amazement of this store.

Then, I realize it's about lunch time. What if they close for lunch. Not one soul knows I'm back here in the inner workings of this store not even the cashiers. 2 teeney boppers talking about their dates last night. . . I get up out of the pile of books. And try to find my way to the front of the store. . . couldn't! Man, oh man. Found the front, they did not close for lunch

I go deeper. Find their fiction section next to the "Book Vault" like a real bank vault like on the movies. It says on the taped up there sign that it contained rare, leather, family histories.

Hmmm, interesting.

Needless to say grimy knees, dirty hands, and 3 books I went in there looking for and actually found in 1 hr. and no real problems. Came out happy!

I spend much more time than that in a BN let's say. Very good little find. Go to the front, ask the teeney boppers, How do you categorize their store? They actually have a website.


Amazed. Cody, you probably found it while you were here. I wouldn't doubt it. If there is a book you can't find I bet they have it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amy you sound like your mother. An apple doesn't fall far from the tree. gma

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