03 October 2007

Full swing of school

A couple of Saturday's ago, I was blessed to go with my cousins and my Aunt on a reunion of sorts. I loved every minute of it. We got together and went shopping for home decor. My first thought. I'll go just to be involved and laugh and talk. I don't like to decorate. . . Well, I must say, I loved, loved LOVED talking and laughing. I really had a renewal of spirit and joy which I haven't felt in a long time. Probably the last time we were together when I was a kid.

The boy in the pict. Is pretty much potty trained. whew. It has taken some long times of working that out. But I think he is (knock on wood)

AND, by the end. I was saying "I love decorating!" I have been spray painting, cleaning out, organizing. Trying to get my house like I am now envisioning it. . . These are the things I was able to purchase. Do you know how caotic and cool IKEA is? I now do. I thought it was also funny that Rachel (one of my cousins and I) have a lot of the same taste.

Jana and Bev and I, like the same product to help our bodies. I am becoming a spokesperson for Young Living. . . It is good stuff!

The weather is turning colder, which makes Mark want to cook stew. NOT ME, but my family LOVES IT! This is a pict. of Mark's yummy stew. He is a good cook!

These are a tribute to G-ma Carol. I made peach pie for Mark. It's all such a major work of art. I don't think I'll ever get to the point where I am even close to as good as Carol, but she taught me well enough that we ate a whole pie for dessert, and Mark had enough for breakfast which is his favorite.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amy, I am glad you gave your mother-in-law such a nice tribute. Just remember she raised the man you love. gma

8:21:00 AM  
Blogger Rachel said...

We did have such a great time! We'll have to get together again! Did you get the pictures I sent you? You will never believe what I did to my hair!!! Yep! I need to post!

4:02:00 PM  

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