03 February 2008

This week in review

Ok, so, I think I am needing to take some picts of my older girls. Because All I have are picts of my "two littles" is what we call Spencer and Sarah.

Ok, I don't have a before of these two haircuts, but they look so darn HANDSOME! I went grocery shopping Sat. night, and said under my breathe, I don't want Spencer to go to church with his hair, I will be to embarrassed by his hair. IT WAS WAY WAY WAY to long! This is what I came home to. What a kind and thoughtful husband! He cut them both by himself, yes his own!

Sarah is so funny these days. She is FULL of personality. She will NOT take this hat off! Thanks Gma Lois!

Spencer has played with this dart gun for HOURS AND HOURS. I checked one day and he had it in his hand for 6 hrs. straight!

Sarah eats lunch on this everyday. She loves to play on it. Spencer and her fight over it often. (Thanks g-ma A) Notice her raggy hair? Wait till later in the post. I was SICK OF IT.

This is Sarah, because I made her take her hat off. Poor pitiful thing.

This is my sweet Sarah, she is ready for her first day of Nursery class. we took her in, and sat her on the chair to play with playdoh, and well, she looked at me , waved her hand at me and said GO! And then pushed me away. So I did, when I went to pick her up she was GREAT! Didn't want to come with me. Hmmm, how's a mom take that? I'm still not quite sure.

Ok, her hair. MUCH BETTER, she now has bangs.

The dress. Is so darn cute on her! My mom made it for me to wear, and Autumn, Brooke, and now Sarah have worn it.

I would show photos of my other 2 girls in these dresses, but they are hard copies. And I am not organized. . .Maybe some other time.

My goal this week, take some picts. of my older 2 girls. And show you what they are up to.


Blogger shaina said...

love the pictures! Glad you posted some of their favorite toys. Those are fun pictures for my siblings to look back on from when we were kids.

10:51:00 AM  

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