22 January 2008

Picture of the day

Ok, so it turned into more than one picture.

Monday night we sorted, organized, inventoried, and correctly stored our Food Storage. So, we are ready for W.C.N.! (inside joke) We were all in the basement, and Mark and I couldn't stand up all the way, so we sat on chairs and the girls did the dirty work. I feel SOOO good about having this set up, we now know what we need to work for to fill in the holes.
Example: More wheat, and protein.

I guess it doesn't matter exactly what my kids wear around the house, right? This is one of 2 outfits that he wears constantly. The other one is an outfit Jill and Brock got him that is a Spiderman outfit. HE IS SO CUTE!

Mark worked last night cleaning carpets, and had to go to school early today. This is a pict. I took today at 1:00 pm. I asked him to help Spencer get to sleep, he was more than willing. I went up and found that he had put both kids to sleep. What a good guy. It was so cute! I couldn't get a better pict, because the flash would wake them up. So, this is what I got.


Blogger Hilterbrand Family said...

I really like how your family works together and is a team. Lucky you! Keep up on the food storage! Did you read the last church news?

auntie "Provident Living Specialist" Barb

p.s. Amy...I'm reading the book: Preparedness Principles by Barbara Salsbury amd Sandi Simmons. It's fabulous! Find a used one...I think you would like it.

5:41:00 AM  
Blogger linzy said...

As I was reading your post, I was thinking about what I could say. Barb said it, "I love how you are always working together as a family!" You are AWESOME!!

10:23:00 AM  
Blogger shaina said...

I love organizing! Makes you feel amazing!

1:43:00 PM  

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