05 January 2008

trying to catch up

Probably my favorite picture lately.
This is Sarah with Grandma Betty.

For Christmas we put together 25 humanitarian kits for those in need. It was great seeing all the cousins working together.

This is or family on Christmas Eve with all the cousins except Taylor. I can't believe how big everyone is!

This is the fish Brooke picked for Christmas. Her name is MAX.

We went to Spokane for Christmas, and had a great time seeing family and friends. We were able to have a good time reconnecting with everyone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So is there a photo contest you can enter Betty and Sarah's picture in....that is SO cute. I love it. I printed it off and taped it to the cupboard and Betty chuckles everytime she sees it.
Cuteness of all the cousies...I love cousies...

9:47:00 AM  

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