31 March 2008

Ok, so here's a funny, and then I will post picts. tomorrow

so, Spencer went to Primary class today.
They learned about being thankful for animals.
The teacher asked all the kids lots of different questions,
The one that made me laugh was. . .

"Spencer where does hamburger come from?" (expecting from cows)
Spencer says "From Wendy's". . .oh, my, that is true experience of what our family does for a reward isn't it! Shh, don't tell the health conscious police!

Then she asked him what animal bacon comes from? He said "Bacon doesn't come from animals" the ironic thing, was this week we had eaten bacon for our breakfast-for-dinner meal on Wed. and we all tickled eachothers ribs, because that is the part of the pig bacon comes from. . .Apparently it didn't sink in!

Oh, well, at least he participated in class, that's a big step forward. And I am VERY grateful I am friends with the Sunbeam teacher and she already knows our wacky family is trying our best!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh that is so precious. SO cute...glad you shared...oh...Spencie...

6:20:00 AM  
Blogger shaina said...

Yeah. I taught the nursery class and they had no idea where food came from. Oh well. At least they knew that pigs didn't fly (hehe) and they belonged on farms. A little bit at a time, right?

6:32:00 AM  

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