23 October 2005

Not a Kid Anymore

So, we go to a pumpkin farm to pick pumpkins, to watch a pumpkin launcher, and play in a straw maze. And at the straw maze, there was a straw pile to jump in. It was so great. My oldest and my middle kids jumped and it looked like so much fun! So, the kid inside me, decides I can jump off the straw jump too. So I climb to the top of the pile, while I'm up there, looking down. MAN, it was very high. I think inside my head, oh, come on, your 7 yr old and 5 yr old, had no worries.

So, I just go for it. I feel all these things, first holy moly! I scream! And then, turns out straw piles are really not that soft of a landing! And my knees buckle, well, it's an interesting word buckle. More like implode. So, I roll over so I can straighten my useless legs.

Man, I really wish I had legs like my kids. I definately don't. Just one more testament that I am NOT a kid anymore!

Just a tip. Don't try this at home.

However, the farm trip all in all. I did feel like a kid, picking out a pumpkin and all. So much fun.


Anonymous Carson said...

Ha! I had no idea that how you injured yourself. Funny (well, in a sympathetic way.)

12:47:00 PM  

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