23 February 2006

Carma / Karma

Ok, so, I can't believe that this has happened to me 3 times in the last little while.

first: I was talking to my sister-in-law about wanting to learn how to make red velvet cake. And how they should make a box mix you can buy. We came to the conclusion that it was pie in the sky dream.
so, later that same week, I went to the local discount grocery store to buy some stuffities, and guess what they had for a dollar a box. No kidding, Red Velvet cake mix.

Second: I was babysitting a boy genious the other day and he showed me all about www.wikipedia.com, and how amazing it is, he helped me post a definition. I go to a family get together with my extended family, and guess what's brought up, not by me! Wikipedia! And just was reading my family's blog, and what is referenced? Wikipedia!

This is becoming a trend, and it's kind of crazy, I think that no, wikipedia is not that amazing to talk about. But to talk about it within a week of finding out about it without me bringing it up!


p.s. maybe I should look Carma up on the wikipedia, because I'm really not sure if you write it Carma, or Karma. . . .

Notice the 2 last entries, jsut so happened to be exactly a month apart? Wierd I tell you.


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