10 January 2007

A snippet of the trip

These are some of the cousins in the M side. I must say they are truly some wonderful kids, they play well together, and Taylor is the greatest peacemaker in the clan.

Ok, these are taken at the M's Christmas. Notice how pretty they ALL are inside and out! (Mark's sister and husband, and Jetty)

I love this picture. This is how I remember getting to know Mark's parents, around their kitchen table eating wonderful food that they were so generous in sharing with me. It hasn't changed. They really are so loving and wonderful to be around.

This is right after we got back from visiting church at our old church. We fit well there. That is our comfort zone. We feel loved and supported by being there. We LOVE those people there. It is very hard to leave. But growth is outside the 'ol comfort zone, so off we go.

This is Taylor being the wonderful cousin again, tickling feet. So fun. (He's the tall handsome one, who is growing up in height and fitting really well into his awesomeness.) He is a wonderful mature man.


Anonymous barb said...

Fun to see some of Marks family. His sister is pretty! Mark looks happy to be with his mom and dad. I love how he honors them. YOu have two good families supporting you, Ame. Your girls look so cute in red. I'm proud of you guys.

7:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh...I love that picture of Mark with Bob and Carol, also. I am glad I have it. I love how that picture captures Mark with his folks.
Yes, Kim is beautiful. So sophiscated and I love her taste and the way she does things...so classy. What a fun aunt for your girls and Spencer to have awesome boy cousies.
Also glad you could go to Shilo Hills...perfect to go back after a few months and reconnect and know those people still love and miss you. We all need to feel needed, don't we?
Oh, Amy....we miss you but are so glad you are doing a hard thing! I know it is right. Mark needs to be in a position to fix people as well as he fixes things. You - both of you - are the greatest!

9:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OH good pictures with the Mauzy's. I loved everyone. They are neat people.

11:27:00 AM  

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