13 May 2007

All that I am or hope to be I owe to my angel Mother

I love the feeling I get when I'm with my mom. Like the things I am doing are so much funner when I get to share them with her. She makes me laugh A LOT! I love that.

I really have not got the ability to actually share what I feel with mere words.

I love that she loves my kids. They are my whole world, as you know, and being able to share with someone who also loves them no matter what is the BEST!

I never feel left out when my mom is there. She fills me in every bit. She says it's because she's been far away from her family so she knows what it's like to feel left out. She does magnificent at filling me in. I love that I can predict what is going to happen. Like today, Sunday she's going to go to church, and take care of dad, and eat roast from the crock pot (not neccesarily today because it's mother's day), and write in her notebook, and take her mother's day nap. Just the familiar expected things. She is home base. Not her house, HER! She makes it so "Be it ever so humble there's no place like home" is truly where she is. She came and saw my world and her approval of it meant everything to me! I love that she is so willing to share and give her heart to me.

It is so wonderful to have such a great mom who is so full of energy life and excitement! I love you mom!

I really could not go without talking about my mother in law, who I also love dearly. She is a wonderful, thoughtful, kind, and loving lady. She has taken such good care of so many.

I love the things she has shared and taught my Mark (Who was her Mark first). She is such a great supporter. She would give her right arm for her family. I love her for that.

Carol has the greatest sense of humor! She is so darn funny! Just the normal every day tasks are so much funner with her around she giggles her way through the easiest of tasks. She makes it a joy to be around her. I remember when she went with us to a Garth Brooks concert. I LOVED having a good time with her she is the life of the party!

She brings such wisdom and tradition to life. She STILL puts up a Christmas tree every year that is so beautifully decorated with ornaments she has made or her kids have made, and collected over the years.

Something that Mark has been able to do that he has said he learned from his parents. No matter what happens with our kids or me, he is quick to forgive and move on. Doesn't hold a grudge and moves to the way of correcting and loving us through our faults. It has held our family together through some CRAZY times. But, with the joy of life that Mark and his family has taught me we have loved eachother through them and grown closer together.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Ame...you gave such nice tributes to MOMS! I enjoyed reading about these important people and the influence for good they have had on you. I think you are prudy special too!


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