20 February 2008

A catch up

ok in no particular order here are the pics. of the week. . .or maybe longer hey who's counting right. . .just sit back and enjoy.

This is my Autumn, not sure why but I can't seem to get a strait face out of her.

These are all the kids with their valentine's presents. Notice the two older girls got clothes. . .hmmm, I guess they are growing up.

Sarah lately is addicted to gloves on her hands, or socks she's not picky. She will go around the house for HOURS like this.

This is the kids and I getting our kitchen ready for our big Valentine dinner for dad, notice Sarah's hands, and Spencer was errand boy to put things away in other rooms. . .on his bike of course.

This is Spencer after he gets home from his little pre-school he goes to 1x a week for 1/2 an hour. . . he is always pooped. He just climbed up in my lap and fell asleep.

Mark has a new toy. He is trying to get "accurate" And we have decided Spencer is old enough to shoot a bb gun under close supervision. This is both of them with their targets after going to the range.

And this is what Mark came home from school on Valentine's day for a quick drop off in between classes. So sweet! It was the BEST sugar cookie I have EVER EVER eaten! He still won't tell me where he got this. Just a sweet thoughtful man!

This is Brooke and our neighbor with their Valentine's spoils from school.

This is my Awesome Autumn. I love her so much. She is learning long division right now, and she is so SMART! She has her own computer at her desk at school now she takes her math and spelling tests on, and is working on her biography, very neat stuff in school.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those kids...everyone is so precious. Rick noticed it looked like Mark was shot by a BB gun...didn't get his eye, but close.
Close but no cigar?

10:32:00 PM  

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