01 November 2005

Balance all the Busy - ness!!!

Ok, so, how is it that there seems to be days when there is NOTHING going on, and then other days when you don't feel like you can breathe for fear of getting behind.

That is what it has been lately. No space for individual thinking even. It is not just a little of this a little of that. It is tons of this one thing to the point that I don't want to spend one more minute doing the same thing over and over again.

I have been volunteering in my daughter's class. She had a science fair yesterday. My job was to have a child step onto a stool inside of a kiddy pool that had about an inch of bubble solution in the bottom. Pull a hoola hoop up from the solution with the child inside, and there would be a bubble around this child. Really cool for the kids. And over all I LOVED to see their little faces. When I got to the 150th child, my body was so sore from helping this child onto this stool with the slippery solution underneath. Man, I woke up with the sorest leg muscles.

So today, I helped with the school book fair. While I was at the book fair (which is very very easy and fun, since I love books and kids) Mr. M came up and said. "The Pacific Science Center is coming to school tomorrow and I need someone to come and help. Would you help?" Well, of all the volunteer help I would have chosen this is the one I would have loved to do the most. Such interesting stuff to have the kids explore.

Meanwhile, my laundry pile is now level with the top of my washing machine. I am something else besides a volunteer. So, I guess it is my choice to pick and choose between to good things.

Man this is a never ending game of balance!!!!


Anonymous Jill said...

I totally understand the trying to balance all the busyness....it always seems that everything has to all happen at once. There are always days that just don't have anything and then BAM there will be a day that just has five big things that you need to go and do. Life sure can be busy!!!

8:15:00 PM  

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