23 July 2007

Ok, so here's some picts.

This is picts. of our van the day we left for our trip. . . Doesn't look to promising does it.

We always seem to have the luck of dealing with car trouble before we go on vacation.

Well, we got there fine. This is at our friends, Sarah kept steeling the other little boy's binky. This is little Joseph's But she's cute isn't she?

This is some friends of ours all piled together on the couch. It was a riot trying to get everyone looking at the camera. I was laughing pretty good.

This is a wonderful pict. of a Loving g-ma.

This is a pict. of that handsome man, we were at the lake with his family. LOVED being with them. They are so good to us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, they are beautiful. So glad you share them with us. gma

7:48:00 AM  

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