22 October 2007

Picture day

These pictures we so fun to take. Our kids were so fun! They are taken when it was still warm.
This is Sarah being her own funny self, not letting us hold her down.

These are the girls in the sunshine. I loved taking these pictures. We were laughing so much!

This is Miss Autumn, growing up more all the time.

This is Brookey Ashley, she knows just who she is!

Mr. Spencer is so fun. He's going to be a dog for halloween, has worn his costume for the last week. We had to convince him to not wear it to church.
This is Sarah, she's just one of the kids. She is doing and wants to do what they are doing at all times!


Blogger Kathleen said...

what cute pics of your kids! where did you take these? i love the one of spencer.

1:53:00 PM  

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