22 November 2007


Ok, so we had a wonderful easy going Thanksgiving. We at the last minute decided to stay home, because we all were starting to have a cold, and Mark had a big project to work on.

Mark BBQ'd the turkey. If you haven't had one bbq'd, you are truly missing out! It was SOOOO good!

Here is a picture of our table. It was a FEAST! It was so wonderful! We all worked in the kitchen together and had a great time doing it!Sarah helped by eating olives. She was SO DARN CUTE!

The sun went down, and actually saw a sunset which is very rare!

Mark started sharing his "youthful excitement" with us all. Out of his "Backyard Ballistics" book. It was GREAT FUN! We laughed a lot.Then, while dad relaxed we played "SPA" I did the girls face, and they did mine. Brookey did the side she's standing on and Autumn did the other. WE laughed so much!

This is dad in his Turkey coma. We decided to play with him.

We have so darn much to be thankful for! I LOVE being with my family. They are the funnest! One of the best T-day to date.


Blogger Sam and Jill McComas Family said...

that looks like a lot of fun. Ashtyn couldn't believe that you didn't come for Thanksgiving. We can't wait for Christmas. We can't believe how big Sarah is and your spa treatment looked like a blast!

4:06:00 PM  
Blogger Kathleen said...

Mark let us watch him make those fire kites the other night while you were out and about. They're pretty cool. Brooke said one of them went into our trees and Mark had to climb up on the roof or something. I asked her why she didn't come and tell us so we could see. She was all, I don't know. I said You lit our trees on fire and you didn't even invite us to watch? She and Autumn started laughing. Keith is thinking that book sounds pretty cool. I'm not too sure I want him to get one. He might start getting ideas.....

9:39:00 PM  

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