14 November 2007

What a weekend!

Our family went to Auntie Barb's house to visit my parents. They were up there to visit. so, we snuck up there. This was a fun packed weekend.

This is a pict. of them playing with paper dolls. And G-ma Lois being the "ham" of the night. She gave us a GREAT laugh!

Auntie Bev, she came over to visit. So nice of her. ANd this was her show and tell! Could you do that?!? I couldn't, however it makes me want to start yoga. I just might. This is Mark working on their kitchen sink.

And while we were there our puppy finally had her puppies! She is such a GOOD momma. She had 4 in all. 3 boys and 1 girl. The black one is a girl. They were so tiny. About the size of a hampster.

This is Brookey holding one of the puppies. We had to steel a pict. while Rosiey was eating. She is so darn vigilant.


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