27 October 2007

The latest from the far off land.

Brookey loves to use my camera and take pictures. This is one she took on a Sunday drive.

I have some online friends who share recipes. This is one of those recipes I have made probably too much, because I ended up with an extra loaf that was drying out. (Pumpkin bread with Raisins)

So, I decided to use my new pie pan I got from Kohl's for a steal. It is Pumpkin Bread Pudding at the very bottom I put a layer of ginger snaps. It was so good I even liked it and I don't like pudding of any sort.
This however, tasted and had the texture of pumpkin pie. It was so good. (Can you see what the shape of the pie pan is?)

The following picts. are Sarah's before bed snack. I have found out she hides her food in the flaps of her highchair.

Can you see what the snack is? I'll give you a hint, it's green.

She is so funny she cracks me up!


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