19 May 2006

The yard is coming along

I don't really have time to post pictures, but a lot has happened this week.

we mowed the grass this week! It was long enough
got some edging to put around the flower beds.
Got the fence put up!

Next week, we'll put the edging in, and get bark.
It I hope will start to look like a real yard. And my kids will be able to enjoy it for a couple of months. They have lived out on the trampoline the last week. Such nice weather

Side note: When I say we, that isn't at all the case, I have pretty much nothing to do with it, I just stand there periodically and say good job that is such a difference! And come back in to the air conditioned house. So, all the progress goes to the Man of the house! He's an animal. And tan to boot.

Free Burma!