27 October 2007

The latest from the far off land.

Brookey loves to use my camera and take pictures. This is one she took on a Sunday drive.

I have some online friends who share recipes. This is one of those recipes I have made probably too much, because I ended up with an extra loaf that was drying out. (Pumpkin bread with Raisins)

So, I decided to use my new pie pan I got from Kohl's for a steal. It is Pumpkin Bread Pudding at the very bottom I put a layer of ginger snaps. It was so good I even liked it and I don't like pudding of any sort.
This however, tasted and had the texture of pumpkin pie. It was so good. (Can you see what the shape of the pie pan is?)

The following picts. are Sarah's before bed snack. I have found out she hides her food in the flaps of her highchair.

Can you see what the snack is? I'll give you a hint, it's green.

She is so funny she cracks me up!

22 October 2007

I love Saturday's

Every Saturday, Mark wants to do something as a family. It is always so fun. We get to go out and see what is around here.

These are pictures of us at Sundance. It is such a wonderful drive. We took picts.

The picts. below are of Wheeler Farms, we went last year and loved petting the animals. We went again this year. I don't have many picts of the farms, just my cute kids there.

Picture day

These pictures we so fun to take. Our kids were so fun! They are taken when it was still warm.
This is Sarah being her own funny self, not letting us hold her down.

These are the girls in the sunshine. I loved taking these pictures. We were laughing so much!

This is Miss Autumn, growing up more all the time.

This is Brookey Ashley, she knows just who she is!

Mr. Spencer is so fun. He's going to be a dog for halloween, has worn his costume for the last week. We had to convince him to not wear it to church.
This is Sarah, she's just one of the kids. She is doing and wants to do what they are doing at all times!

11 October 2007

Mark is AMAZING!

When Mark gets and idea, that is the end of it. He knows how to figure it out from beginning to end. I am simply amazed my his ability to get it figured out.

This is his latest project.


Everything on this site is his creating. I am so glad he is beginning to share with others his latest and greatest. I hope he will start up his own blog soon. To share some of his ingenious abilities.

08 October 2007

I'm having a string of bad luck!

Well I'm just going to list them for memory sake. I am doing ok mentally and emotionally, just need to document this, because it's unbelievable!

1. Money troubles. . . I won't go into it, Wal*mart is to blame
2. Flat tire (Mark fixed)
3. Lost library book (found)
4. a backlash from the previous mentioned #1
5. Got the 24 hr flu
6. Garbage desposal pooped out (Mark fixed)
7. Locked keys out of car
8. ran out of gas (my own darn fault)
9. Spencie woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep last night
10. Sarah woke up with a HUMUNGOUS dirty diaper everywhere (bedding needs to be washed. See #11)

and the latest

11. dryer won't work, just won't turn on. . . of course laundry is backed up to high heaven

However it is sunny out, and I can lay them on the fence hopefully without it raining on me.

03 October 2007

Full swing of school

A couple of Saturday's ago, I was blessed to go with my cousins and my Aunt on a reunion of sorts. I loved every minute of it. We got together and went shopping for home decor. My first thought. I'll go just to be involved and laugh and talk. I don't like to decorate. . . Well, I must say, I loved, loved LOVED talking and laughing. I really had a renewal of spirit and joy which I haven't felt in a long time. Probably the last time we were together when I was a kid.

The boy in the pict. Is pretty much potty trained. whew. It has taken some long times of working that out. But I think he is (knock on wood)

AND, by the end. I was saying "I love decorating!" I have been spray painting, cleaning out, organizing. Trying to get my house like I am now envisioning it. . . These are the things I was able to purchase. Do you know how caotic and cool IKEA is? I now do. I thought it was also funny that Rachel (one of my cousins and I) have a lot of the same taste.

Jana and Bev and I, like the same product to help our bodies. I am becoming a spokesperson for Young Living. . . It is good stuff!

The weather is turning colder, which makes Mark want to cook stew. NOT ME, but my family LOVES IT! This is a pict. of Mark's yummy stew. He is a good cook!

These are a tribute to G-ma Carol. I made peach pie for Mark. It's all such a major work of art. I don't think I'll ever get to the point where I am even close to as good as Carol, but she taught me well enough that we ate a whole pie for dessert, and Mark had enough for breakfast which is his favorite.

Free Burma!