18 December 2007

Temple Square

So we live here in Provo, and are able to experience the beauty of Salt Lake Temple Square, and be able to feel the joy and love of the Savior who is central in my faith. I will show you a few pictures of the experience. It was stunning and peaceful.

This is a Latin American depiction of the Nativity. Mary is in the cart with the baby in her arms. Joseph is standing with his hat off. And those are my icicle kids, at the end of the tour.

This picture is right in front of the fountain and it is very large and life size. Absolutely my favorite one there. Because of the white that really represented purity that the Savior brought to us. How joyous.

I don't know if this needs much explanation. Just the beautiful Salt Lake Temple at night. In all it's glory and beauty, lit as a beacon to all come bask in the light of the Savior.

This is the fountain with lights floating in the water and beautiful with all the lights!

This is Spencer in the Conference Center where we went to thaw out, and use the bathrooms. He asked me to take a picture by this the Savior resurected. A perfect end to the whole experience.

And as most of you know I am starting to collect statues of mother and child. This one is a BEAUTIFUL one. Really helps me feel like I have an important role in this, my love and faith in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints.

17 December 2007

This is for Kathleen the first Tag I got.

Well, Kathleen just tagged me, and so here are my answers.

1. if you owned a bookstore what would you name it: My favorite things, or Amy's things

2. which literary hero [male or female] would you like to be: Well, you might not think she's a hero, until you read the sequel, which I loved. Scarlet O'hara

3. if you were given the chance to be born in a different decade which one would you choose:
Well, I think I would choose my pioneer ancestors, I am amazed by their strength.
4. who would play you in a movie: Some geekey girl, maybe Drew Baryymore in First Kiss, before she grew up.

5. what was your favorite toy of all of time: maybe Barbies, I played with them for hours with the neighbors across the street.
6. what do you like to collect: I am just starting to collect statues of mom and child, and SHOES!

7. what is your guilty pleasure: Monster Energy drinks

if you had the power to change one thing in this world what would that be: That everyone in the world would know they are loved.

9. what is your most embarrassing moment: What I never do anything embarrassing

10. what is your favorite Christmas movie: National Lampoon's Christmas vacation

11. what is your favorite vegetable: sweet potatoes

12. tell 3 things about yourself (2 true, and 1 untrue ) and see if we can figure out which is fantasy: I don't lie very good, I love to eat fish, and I have read all night without sleep before.

And now I tag Jill, because she just tagged me on another one which will be next.

Free Burma!