13 September 2010

The great Salt Lake!

Did you know you can float! Really this is Brooke floating. And It is WARM!
This is us who didn't go in the water, well, those of us who didn't STAY in the water. Rebecca and Sarah did go in for a little while. I not so much nor Kimberly. But what you don't see is that the ground is COVERED in little flies. I mean COVERED. Sarah was NOT fond of this fact and cried the whole time she was sitting there.
This is up at the visitor's center.
This is Autumn floating. The water is over her head deep. She could also float sitting up, but was to hard to stay that way.
Antelope Island where we went is also called buffalo island, where they let buffalo graze. And have these metal buffalo all over the island.
We were able to go to the great Salt Lake. It was an experience!

Free Burma!