23 January 2006

I want to be

These art pieces makes me want to become an artist! I absolutely love these to pictures. The Artist is: Christy Thom
to go to her website, just click on the heading of this blog entry.

The Power of a HUG

My 1 1/2 yr old little boy is so wonderful. He is lately so lovey. Every 5 min. he comes to me and wants a hug. I love it! I have had a cold the last week, and him coming and hugging me just makes it all better. I know he's doing it for himself (why can't we ask for a hug when we need it as readily as a 1 yr old) but it absolutely takes care of me to.

Once again a perk of being here with my wonderful kids all day and being able to be the person he comes to for his hugs.

08 January 2006

Cody's gonna laugh!

ok, so the other day we were at the beautiful land of Wally (aka. Walmart) and, Cody told me I have to try this new chapstick, called: Blistex Lip Infusion. Hmm, ok, no biggie right. Well, he talked it up so much that I finally broke down and bought some.

It is like having an experience with your lips. It has a stainless steel metal roller ball, and the best smelling liquid to come out onto your lips.

So, I liked it so much I had to actually look at the packaging, and read all the little promotion information. I've never felt compelled to read the information and "directions" on a tube of chapstick. This isn't any ordinary chapstick, it is an "experience" with your lips.

Needless to say I'm sold! Thanks to Cody, I've found the best smelling and smoothest "chapstick" on the market!

02 January 2006

What are your?

Notice I didn't ask do you have any. . . .


What are they? Are they attainable? Are they specific enough to know when you have accomplished them?

Mine is:

To have a party with my kids once a month. Like,

January : New Year's Party (which we did already)
February: Valentine's Party

and so on. I am really wanting to spend more time celebrating with my kids instead of making them clean. That's no fun.

But we had a BLAST at our New Year's party. I'm looking forward to more like that.

Plus, my husband is a sport about always wanting to party, so all I have to do is DO IT!

(Who could resist these kiddies!!!)

That was a ride!

Well, our family survived the holiday with a whole lot of good memories. I really enjoyed our chance to be together as a family. I am not looking forward to my kids going back to school. I would much rather them home with me. But I am sure they aren't ready for that. Which I can understand. I really enjoyed them home with me.

Here are some random shots of our family with last coulple of weeks.

Free Burma!