28 August 2008

A little late on the news!

This is our newest little one! Due at the end of the year, or the beginning of next.

This is the baby's arms. It's hard to see most of these I know. Plus my u/s tech wasn't the best.

This is the baby's face. It is the little skull. The top of the head is to the right of the pict, and the chin is toward the left. The eye sockets are kind of a helper to see it better.

We are so excited. I can feel the baby move now, and already feel like it's a member of the family!

A little disclaimer!!!

First : In order for the next 3 posts to make sense. You will need to go down to part 1 first and then work you way up to the top.

Second : For the little prize giveaway, you will need to
1. Not already know the age of the bishop
2. Leave a comment of your guess
3. Leave contact info for me to get back with you (a link to your blog, e-mail, etc)
4. The winner will be announced Tues. Morning. (I'm gonna enjoy the weekend)

Thank for your participation. I think this will be fun!

Luau (part 3)

This is the hand slapping dance. They say it's because the American's introduced the mosquito (not really but it's funny)

This is our lovely Relief Society President. She is so beautiful.

And they ended with the fire dance. I have a ton of pictures of this but I don't want to bog you down. This is the RS pres. son, that just got back from a mission to Brazil. Do you think the young women in my ward were drooling. I can tell you they sure were!

Luau (part 2)

Here is the bishop cutting the birthday cake! He always has a swarm of kids around him!

This is a Dance from Tahiti

Here's another hint for you. This is the bishop's youngest daughter. She is doing the dance about the ocean. The music was provided by those 4 who were singing earlier. Bishop, his wife, and the other 2.

This is me playing with my new lens. They are clear across the park from me. And Sarah ran from me to her dad! This is them welcoming her in.

Autumn is trying to learn the hula. She is in the white shirt and jean shorts.

Ward Luau (Part 1)

Our ward has a Luau every summer, and this is this year's in pictures. I have to tell you there is nothing that comes close to this! It is also our Bishop's birthday. This is his party! He LOVES LOVES LOVES it!

Any guesses how old he is and I will send you a little prize in the mail!

This is the center piece. It takes A LOT of time to cut those fruits up!

Ok, here's a pict of the Bishop, the is on the far right! The one with a laie on. His wife is the second from the left in the green shirt.

This is the whole pig that was roasted on a huge bbq. It was SWARMED as soon as it was put down. People were burning their fingers on it it was so hot still.

This is the after picture! Pretty much picked clean! Amazing. Stay tuned for another post about the dancing!

Wandering Waif Collection GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Are you kidding me the most beautiful little outfit! This little girl and the blog are so fun to read and watch as she shares such lovely fun crafting Ideas! I simply love her designs and outfits! I could just do a simple hoodie with the cute pom poms also. Just so beautiful go check it out. Here's the link:

Wandering Waif Collection GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

21 August 2008

Garden Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Garden Party Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

There is this beatuiful little dress this lady is giving away if I link to her blog, which i find very easy to do because I love her blog. Go by and check her out. She is lovely!

19 August 2008

In no particular order

Ok, so up at the mountain lake, Mark thought he was being followed by flies, so he wore this fancy hat, or swimming suit whichever you prefer. And, no it didn't deter the flies from coming after him.

This is Autumn and brooke eating oreos with peanut butter. Yumm, or something.

This is a picture of Mark's selling tires and wheels, why do I show you this picture? 2 reasons. One, to let you know he is still a wheeler and dealer. Second, he sold these so I could buy a new lens for my camera! YEAH! I love it.

Carson gave me a really cute camera strap for my birthday. I am in love with it!

This is Autumn and Brooke on their first day of school. Don't they look cute! Brooke is in 3rd grade and Autumn is in 5th. It looks like it is a nice fall day by the way they are dressed. Nope, it's still in the 100's but they had to wear their new clothes. They came home yesterday sweating and red faces. Today they wore shorts to school, and no sweaters.

This is the kids on a day out with dad. He took them to Utah lake, were they planning on swimming? No, but that is the joy of going to the lake with dad and no mom. There is a friend in between Sarah and Spencer.

They also went to the shooting range. This is spencer with a bb-gun.

This is little Bean-a refusing to get out of the water! She is our little waterdog! Seriously she screams when she is taken out of any type of water. Sprinkler, bath, lake, pool.

This is dad fixing our tv, so we don't have to stomp every few seconds while watch a movie.

For my birthday we went up to a mountain lake to swim play and relax with friends. Autumn and Mark went up early to mess around on the motorcycle. Brooke went up the first time a while ago, but didn't have a camera with them that time.

I'll post some more in a minute.

Free Burma!