27 July 2006

The Garage!

Ok, here are the pictures of the mighty piles of stuff that was in the garage, and is now, because of the help of my family for my birthday, they are in nice neat tidy boxes ready to move! We still can't hardly believe it!

This is pile one, with camping gear and part of the "keep pile"

This is the yard sale pile, and Carson posing.

This is the pile of "need to go through" stuff. Notice it is up to my head!

The Van

Ok, so this is the finished project! We got a carpet cleaning machine that the vehicle in it didn't work. So, Mark has been transfering the machine to a new van and making it so the motor and all accept the machine. It has taken him probably about a month as his full time job. Plus getting us ready and working his normal carpet job to get it all worked out.

The adventure of getting the van. We went to Moses Lake to get it. (about 3 hrs. away) We drove down together and then followed him home, about 1/2 way home, the van was overheating so bad, he could see bright red on parts of the engine. so, thank heavens we have AAA, called them and 20 min. later we had us on the road (all back in the family van) and the new carpet van on a tow truck headed for our house! We LOVE AAA. They are worth every penny!

This is dad, getting done one of the days with the "engine" portion of the customizing, hw we real good at balancing all the different parts of his life. He took time for us when we needed it.

So, needless to say, he practiced his new carpet cleaning "truck mount" on our house! What a jump to the professionals it was! He did it in lickety split, and half the lifting of heavy machinery! We are so blessed he is able to make it all work! He is a genius!


Can you see this is Mark's shin. His sock is at the bottom left, yes, that is a humongus bump. He scraped it on his latest project. The carpet cleaning van. (will post that one later)

The other night, the girls were a little restless, and hadn't seen dad during the day, so after a little calming down they were sitting on dad's lap, and decided to count how many owie's dad had on his hands, from the elbows down. They counted 32. This one on the leg didn't count. But as you know the Mcs' we love to show our wounds. So, here's a good one that definately disserves to be documented.

21 July 2006

I don't have to excuse

I am to the point where I am not appologizing for the following:

1. Needing a banana slurpee EVERYDAY

2. Wearing sweatpants in public

3. Taking a nap every day for a long time

4. Eating desserts with every meal

5. Done being a patient mom after 9:00

6. Have a one track mind, want a baby NOW!

The other night Mark said. I have noticed you are irritated at things a lot easier. I thought yip, I am.

The way for this to not be this way I am anymore. Let me have this baby!

I am SURE Mark could help me fill out many more that I don't even realize. He is an AMAZINGLY patient man who has truly compensated for my lacking. I love him!

19 July 2006

Autumn's Handy

This morning while Mark was fixing breakfest I needed the vacuum belt fixed before he went to work. (Last time Autumn helped him fix it). So Autumn says "I can fix it" So, she got a screwdriver, and went to work. And in about 10 min. the belt was fixed and she was vacuuming up the crumbs from the fixing of it. She is AMAZINGLY handy. How awesome! good for her!

10 July 2006

Cody would be proud

Well, we were bored yesterday, will talking to my friends at lunch I was reminded of an experiment Cody told me about.

It is putting mentos in a 2 liter bottle of diet Coke. This is what happens. A coke fountain that goes like 10 ft in the air. It is amazing! It is instantanious! You don't have to wait for the mentos to dissolve.

Thank you Cody for helping us have a little fun!

We had some fun this weekend

Well, Friday all of us were sick of just sitting around keeping the ol' house clean so we decided to do a craft. We made these beads and then put them on a bracelet! Way fun!

I went to lunch with 2 close friends and sat and gabbed A LOT. It was so so fun! Of all the things I will miss this will be at the top. Our excuse to go out was for my birthday. And well, this "felted" purse is what I got. I have always wanted one! Doesn't it remind you of a lady bug?

We also went to riverfront park. Road the carosel and fed the ducks. This is Mark and Spencer looking for crawdads. They did find one and pick it up and play with it.

02 July 2006


Would you buy this house? Dog not included. Notice the freshly painted front door, grass, landscape with bark, and bushes! NOT and easy task mind you! We are officially on the market! Come one come all buy it if you want!

Free Burma!